hagenfesten is over for this time…

Aug.11, 2011

a new experience….I had a new GREAT experience…

the HAGENFESTEN in the forests of Dala – Floda in Sweden!!!

holy SHIT — this is something else… for the 9th time the crew, Sofia Jernberg (killin vocalist ), Joel Grip (killin bassist) and Niklas Barnö (killin trumpeter) and many other people created a REAL FEAST , a festivalmonster with amazing atmosphere, great bathing in the river, sauna, amazing food , a SUPERWARM atmosphere and really GREAT music… this is a MUST every summer, I tell you!

(the only thing missing was a good recordshop for vinyl… but , what the heck, nobody is perfect…)


chcek it out:



and dont miss next year!!!!

there is only a bunch of festivals every year that manage to create such atmosphere AND quality in the programming!!!

(you know who you are…)


thanx for this time, see u at the 10th anniversary!