vikings in spain…

Dec.08, 2010

after a concert in siguenzia in spain, the following review arrived.

NB – this is the same place where the real jazz- police showed up last year during a concert with Larry Ochs…


The Thing
Every story has its turning point and the Festival de Sigüenza lived in his second day one of the most intense episodes recorded in the memory of its six editions. As fate would have committed to corroborate the unwritten rule which breaks calm after the storm, the quiet opening night had its fair counterpoint to the Lord’s day with one of these sessions explosive impact and energy in abundance. A real explosion of jazz seamless sound and fury granite. Faced with such a display of quality, tenacity and strength, would hardly have any choice any applicant prejudiced overwhelmed at such display to the limit of any kind, label or corseted name.
The noise makers were three Nordic musicians respond to the name of The Thing and that under the leadership of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson form a perfect square is completed by two bastions such as group Atomic Ingebrigt bassist Haker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love . A trident of northern barbarians with the blood still fresh of their god Odin in the veins and an uncanny ability to release the beast that rages within him exposing the viscera and bowels of the music that have phagocytosed to the core and mortals to recognize heard under the name of jazz.
At no time seemed to weigh the disappointment to blower Gustafsson, despite the kindness of air transport to entertain the passengers before the happening of the air traffic controllers ‘distracted’ his beloved baritone sax and left without the most grave of his roaring. The Viking notches then twisted the wording to squeeze all its oxygen and marking the passage of each piece its coadlátares gave a forceful rebuttal brilliant, vital and cohesive profile consistent with its free jazz warriors.