complete discography

Mar.30, 2009

under construction… meanwhile soem new records…. more to come

New CDs:

Torden Kvartetten – devil´s last call
W. Mats Gustafsson, Per Åke holmlander, Peter Ole Jörgensen, Peter Friis Nielsen
Ninth world music 042 CD
a FULL blast Free Jazz Excursion live in Copenhagen. Leave no prisoners!

Relay Archive 2007 – 2008
Free improvisation concert sries in Seoul, south Korea
w. one track by Choi Joonyong, Mats Gustafsson and Jin Sangtae
other music by a.o. Hankil Ryu, dieb13, Hong Chulki, Taku Sugimoto, Taku Unami
manual cd 02
a wonderful insight into the GREAT Korean scene of noise and improvised music! One of the most amazing scenes for this music that there is!!! FanFuckinTastic!!!

Maja Spasova – Maja af Svea
Maja Spasova music and sound pieces and remixes by Andrea Neumann, Per Svensson, Mats Gustafsson, Adriano Theel and hans Appelqvist.
Olof Bright OBCD 20/21
a very unique release with amazing sound pieces of high textural quality and pleasure!
Remixes by a bunch of highly recommended names and profiles.

My Cat is an Alien / Mats Gustafsson
Volume 6
A Silent Place ASP 33
a split CD ( former a split limited edtion vinyl of 100 copies…  all sold out…) of great italian space brothers and Gustafsson in some electronic territory in the great Cosmic Debris serie that the Opalio brothers are continuosly putting out!

New 7”:

Mats Gustafsson & Lennart Nilsson
Olof Bright EP 24
a collaboration between the great wine and food conneiseur and festival general Lennart Nilsson and Gustafsson. A beautiful book designed by Karin Almlöf with a 7” vinyl attached.