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Oct.03, 2010

time again…after some digging and searchin in Japan…. I found a couple of rare things.

trade only… make me an offer and trade, the first good offer gets the got!

some great great and some surprising records and a collectors bomb (again… I m trying to present one “bomb” per month…)

one vinyl per day keeps the doctor away… always!

Howard Riley trio – discussions / oppurtunity ( jap )

a KILLER!!! the first recording of Barry Guy!!! an amazing session musically… totally fantastic music! Jon Hiseman on drums, beating the shit outa the heads. originally made in the UK in 99 copies, this is teh japanese 2nd pressing… I  believe in the same amount… 99 copies… rare is just the first name.

Is this the best Howard Riley record ever ??? its possible…. KILLIN!!!!

funny enough this one comes with two covers… beautiful  black and beautiful white( as the original)

rarity and extremely GREAT music — the perfect mix! highly highly recommended. in Mint condition.’

TRADED… sorryy…….




Jazz at the Golden Circle — marshmallow export ( jap )

an amazing document of unreleased recordings (!) with Bill Evans Trio ( w Palle Danielsson!), Ben Webster quartet, Dexter Gordon quartet, Kenny Dorham quartet w Leif Wennerström (!) and the mighty mighty Eje Thelin Quintet. amazing music and great sounding! Jazz at its best at the legendary Stockholm Club The Golden Circle, recordings from 1964 and 1965.

numbered and limited edition. TRADED!

Cel + Fred: een tweede vogel.Vogel 002.

The GREAT Fred van Hove in a duo with Cel Overberghe, the great belgian reed treater!

a great document of belgian free music… really KILLIN! and a rare LP to come over these days. Van hove being one of the true masters of free music in Europe, this is one of his strongest records ever! / STILL AVAILABLE!!!

Bengt “Frippe” Nordström – Now is the Frippe time / dragon ( swe)

One of the most amazing voices of European free music ever… one of the best hidden secrets of the scene as well. most known for being the producer of Albert Aylers first recording on his own imprint Bird Notes in 1962. Bengt was also an extremely personal saxplayer… making solo recordings already in 1962 of free improvised music… waaaaaaaay before braxton and others. These recordings u can only find on the extremley sought after and rare  pressings on Bird Notes in quantities between only 5 copies and up to 100 copies. These records hardly shows up at anytime… only perhaps on this site.. look out for that in the future!!!

This Lp is made in the 80´s on the classic Dragon label and is the only commercial release outside the Bird Notes that is existing with Bengt. Some early ( and late ) music of bengt was later  released on Cd by Blue Tower Recordings and Ayler records.

amazing music on saxes and contrabass clarinet , accompanied by his own group Miljlvårdsverket. Not the rarest… but mighty mighty GOOOOOOD!!!!! – STILL AVAILABLE!

Per Henrik Wallin – One knife is enough / caprice ( swe )

One of the greatest pianist ever on this planet… Per Henrik Wallin is the SHIT!!! this is my favourite solo LP of his. all his music is worth checking out… mindblowing treatments of the jazz history, they way Per Henrik saw and heard it.

this is not the rarest either… but insaaaanaley good….. free the jazz!!! – TRADED!!!

Loren Mazzacane Connors

another solo ep by the great great guitarist Loren Connors. amazing music… just the best… under the skin great!!!! Loren… an alltime favourite!!!  – STILL AVAILABLE!

and an alltime swedish classic!

Stan Getz – Cool Stan in Cool Sweden Vol 2.

mindblowing cool jazz….. in a very very coooool way…suoper smooth and just super great! great condition and amazing music in the perfect format… the 7″ !!! – STILL AVAILABLE!

and  the bomb :

Jazz Festival 1962 on Ex Libris label…

w Irene Schweixer Trio !!!!! playing a Junior Mance tune…

a compilation of Swiss jazz…with the first recording of the monster piano player Irene Schweizer… the mighty and legendary!!! this one is r.a.r.e…….. RARE!!!

I saw it in Japan 8 years ago listed at 1500 Euro… and here it is.

If you are a completist ( who am not ?) this is what you gotta get!!!! Hurry – this one will go quick…

TRADED!!!! of course…… check with Andra Jazz in stockholm….. ;))



Good Luck with it all / there is still a couple of records ( if u scroll down ) available… that has not got good enough offers… just updated with what is available as of yet.

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