Jun.16, 2010


its time again… sorry for the delay…
some heavy vinyls again up for trade… two bombs… and some other very very nice music.. and it´s all on vinyl, of course… 7″ and 12″…

the first that emails me with a good trade offer gets the vinyl needed. I dont compare offers… the first good one gets it.

please email me:

– Orkest de volharding – de volharding

great 7″ with music by the great loius andriessen with ao marten altena and willem breuker. this is not a 7″ you see every day! nice shape , vinyl is perfect. the cover shows some wear.


– MJT + 3

GREAT music with the legendary chicago unit MJT ( Modern Jazz Three) with special guest : a young and amazing Muhal Richard Abrams!!!
This is a japanese perssing in prestine condition. really amazing jazz , just before the free jazz thing hit the fan….


– The Gordon Beck Quartet – Experiments with Pop.

a VERY sought after LP… this is the japanese pressing of a real rarity…. with young Johnny McLaughlin on guitar and Tony Oxley on drums… completely great mix of two musical worlds…. ripping guitar playing!
vinyl is in great shape.. the cover has some transperent tape on the seams.


– Yosuke Yamashita Trio – Clay

One of the most amazing records ever done in free jazz… this is the SHIT! amazing…. complety WILD and in detailed brutality!!! a CLASSIC!
not really rare… but amazing… just amazing….


-Jimmy Scott – The Source

a classic vocal album… a TRUE classic… one of the most amazing vocal albums ever f**kin done! I swear….
not extremely rare…but  in really great condition.
there is a lot of rumours about this LP… that it was redrawn by the label at some point after its release… I dont know the full story….
beautiful vocal.. arrangements… music….

STILL AVAILABLE!!! amazing music….

– Mario Schiano Trio – Concerto Della Statale

an mindbending trio recording from Italian maestro Mario Schiano. an early document that you will not see so often. highly recommended!!!!
in really great condition as well.


and a new BOMB!!!!

-BORN FREE on Scout records

the legendary, legendary release by the frankfurt jazz festival with unautherized tracks by Peter Brötzmann Group!!!!! and Art Ensemble of Chicago meets European Free Jazz Orchestra w ao. jeanne Lee, Günter Christmann. Mangelsdorf etc etc…
WILD WILD WILD!!!! 3 LP set… in really nice condition as well.

the cover has some slight wear and minor dents….
this one is HEAVY!!!!! recordings are great and music KICKS SERIOUS ASS!!!!
serious trade offers please….

SORRY TRADED.. of course… such a bomb!!!

and an old bomb… BOMB!!!!

again…. I have a 2nd copy of the amazing Kauro Abe LP… winter 1972!!!!!!!
MN 3039
This one was traded for a very very high trade value before… and money were offered from many collectors. but again… trade only… trade only….
released back in the days in only hundred (100) !!! copies… never ever for sale before…?Rarer then hens teeth…?One bootleg CD was relaesed 10 years ago and another legal CD is now available in japan, but this is the original release. This copy is NEW(!!!) never played…?And… the music… is completely FANTASTIC!?I think this is the best material that Abe ever recorded!!! A KILLER!?Solo sax in a way never heard. I was chocked listening to this ABSOLUTE MONSTER first time! I m still in chock…?No Art Cover…just came in white plain sleeve with soft plastic wrapping.
who has a copy of that Steve Lacy Japanese gallery edition to trade with ?

TRADED for amazing amazing trade… but there is stilla slight chance that I can dig up another copy if this BEAST!!! One of the 3 rarest japanese Lps ever in free music , as rare as Takayanagis ECLIPSE!!!

ask me later… there is an actual possibility to find one more copy….

Good luck to you all !
ps. and I do still have some copies of Mats Gustafsson vinyls from the past… some in very limited quantities. some will be up for trade in the next list.
actually….one very very heavy item will be up for trade in next list, end of July… 100 copies only… tba…